Monday, March 30, 2009


Here I shall publish a bit of work we did this morning:
Learning styles and classroom environments for better productivity
-How does loud raucous music affect our ability to concentrate and/or work?
Today in class we listened to some "drum and bass" style music (by Conchord Dawn) while first just listening and some of us reading, then reading some posts and comments on Mr Woody's and Bubbles' blogs, and after that we attempted to drum out the beat on our desks with our hands. The beat made me more energetic and twitchy than usual, and this made me do reading, writing, and other such activities a lot faster than I normally do.
Music in the classroom affects (or effects) me in different ways: Slow or classical music makes me feel kind of sleepy, and slows me down a bit, but fast-loud-rock-metal type music makes me do things a lot quicker, and wakes me up more. It definitely makes me do more work, and it affects my overall work outcome for the better. It helps me concentrate and think, I am also less affected by the people around me and the overall class when the loud music was playing.
I think that next time we could try some softer music and see how that turns out!
Quote of the day: The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet. - William Gibson


pinky said...

no offence, but the music really irritated me when I tried to work and read. If I were going to listen to it in my spare time with much less distraction, I would probably find it a bit better.

Bubbles said...

to me itdidnt take affect I think we should try soft and quiet music while reading to compare

P.S come to my blog to fing out the lastest news and information on how the ear works

MrWoody said...

Wow - a great post, OtherBoy - really well stated and insightful. I value your contribution and will take it into account when helping to design a classroom environment.
It's also great that two of your classmates have already responded to your post. Well done!!!

gracie said...


The Karate Kid said...

I really like the music and I think it helped me concentrate with the up paced beat.