Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mouse in the house!

At approximately 2am friday morning, my cat was at the back door, mewling for entry. When my parents finally gave up trying to go to sleep, they let her in (It was Tatty). A while later, and the cat was still mewling for their attention. So my mum got up to see what was going on, and Tatty was sitting in the hallway, proudly showing off the mouse that she had caught. The "dead" mouse was liberated from the cat's jaws, and thrown into the outside bin. Imagine our suprise when this morning, we opened our bin to find a (very much alive) small mouse peeping out from the top of the rubbish bag, where it had nibbled a little escape hole. We managed to get the little rascal into an icecream container, from where he (or she) was deposited into the park down the road. We managed to get a picture:
Keep an eye out for this mouse!!!!
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