Thursday, March 26, 2009

Balloons over Waikato

The Balloons over Waikato festival is upon us once again!!! It is an annual festival where a bunch of hot-air balloons come and fly around Hamilton each morning for a few days, and then there is a "Night glow", where all the balloons inflate but don't fly at night, and they all glow really bright, here is a night glow picture from last year from a website:

This morning the conditions were foggy, though a few balloons went uo later in the day. Earlier on my blog, I talked about Earth Hour, and how it coincided with the nightglow, and I found out that the streetlamps on one of the main roads in Hamilton are going to go out for an hour, two words: ROAD CRASH!!!!!! I also heard that for the hour between 8:30 and 9:30 the balloons will also go out???? This will mean a bunch of people who go along for a nightGLOW will be standing round in the dark for a while!!!!
Here are some pictures my family have taken in the morning when the balloons went up:

Above: a wide spectrum of all the balloons.

Above: the birthday cake balloon.
Above: the lucy the ladybug
For more information, and a guide to the balloons, visit the Balloons over Waikato website
Quote of the day: To teach is to learn twice. - Joseph Joubert


Bubbles said...

I am going to the night glow it will be very cool just like last year!!!!! :)

Bubbles said...

your blog is realy cool i cant really think of what posts to put on my blog!~!! :)

pinky said...

I went to the nightglow! It was cool and I prchased some awesome bunny ears.