Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swimming Sports 8-(

Today at school we had swimming sports. I do not particulary like swimming or sports, and I dislike the combination of the two even more. I participated in the first boys race, the freestyle stroke. I had a bad start, and my 'dive' ended up leaving me blinded, and with every one else a few metres ahead. When I was around halfway down the pool (everybody else was about three-quarters) I accidentally swallowed some water, and it got into my lungs. I stopped, and was gagging, choking, and coughing, and by the time I was feeling well enough to continue, all other competitors had finished. So I was floundering along, with a wretching cough all the while, and managed to get to the end. When I got out I developed chestpains, and a sore stomach. By the time I was feeling better (about two hours later), it was final time, and there was no races to participate in, and absolutely nothing to do. After the finals, there was the fun races, widths of the pool instead of lengths. I participated in the freestyle (again, but a width this time), and had another bad start, and tied for last. Overall, I hated swimming sports, did not have a good time there, and I am not looking foward to any similar event next year at high school.
Quote of the day: Never try to tell everything you know. It may take too short a time. - Norman Ford


Bubbles said...

Hi the other boy you know what it doesnt matter what you come or what you do because everyone was cheering for you! Do you know what once I was swimming in the waikato junors and I thought I was going well but by the time I had one lap they were alreadly finished I stood up and I thought to mys3lf why should I keep going then from the other side of the pool I heard my cousin screaming my name as if it didnt matter that everythibg wa quiet she did it anyway! It made me feel alive then EVERYONE screaming my name even the people that didnt know me. I swam like I hadnt swam before and when I got out the pool everyone was steering at me as if id done something wrong but it didnt matter because I had someone that was cheering me on. I was sreaming for you!!! :)

The Other Boy said...

Thanks Bubbles, you are a truly caring person, and your support of my floundering makes my feel a lot better :-)

black wolf said...

Shes right it doesn't really matter what you come. The point is that you participated and you got a house point for it.