Thursday, February 12, 2009

Class Councillor

I am currently in the running for class councillor. I believe I would be pretty great at it. Here are my reasons:
  • I am a helpful person by nature, if you don't believe me, ask one of the four or five people who's blogs I helped set up today. I could use this in class, to help our class become the best in the school. I believe that we can do it.
  • Our environment is very important to me. When I arrived at our school, I was shocked that there was no recycling bins. If I become class councillor, one of my first acts would be to get a recycling bin for our classroom at least. That would just be the beginning, I believe that our class should have our own garden space, where we could retreat, relax, and care for plants and the environment. I would do much more than that, but unfortunately, too much to list here.
  • Another thing that I would do as class councillor would be to get more for you. If you are bored of doing really tedious tasks for math*, I will see to it that we do a more exciting math activity. If writing things out over and over again*, I will make sure that we do something else ( Unfortunately I can't change the curriculum, so we will still have to do some things ;] ). If you don't want to do as much reading, and your legs are itching for some exercise*, I will do something about it.
  • If I am class councillor I will be saving YOU work, yes that's right, YOU. The class councillor has to take the money-bag and the yellow absentee slip to the student centre every morning, and every fortnight has to sit through a long meeting about the school. It is at these meetings that I will bring up YOUR ideas, and what WE want from our school to do with our learning environment.


*This will never happen under Mr Woody's teaching, but it is still one of my points ;]

Quote of the day: Lies are like children: they're hard work, but it's worth it because the future depends on them. - Pam Davis


G gangster said...

Nice speech but don't you think its a bit long?

Bubbles said...

I think itt has a lot of information and isnt that what we need! :)

The Other Boy said...

Exactly what Bubbles said, and I had to make all my points, plus back them up. I try not to be long winded, but I digress...