Monday, February 9, 2009

My other one didn't work

On saturday I sent out a post about getting into a club at school, but it stuffed up and didn't publish. So here it is.

Title: Inventor Centre

At school there is a competition to get into this club called the 'Inventor Centre'. To get in you have to solve a series of riddles on the internet. I am the only one to solve them so far. They were quite hard and took me a fair few hours, and 2 trips to school. Plus it was on a saturday. I am pretty happy with getting into the club, as we are gonna be doing some really cool stuff like programming robots using computers, building advanced circuitry and things like that. Right up my alley.


Gaboose said...

Hark hark.

I know whom you are.

Little Miss Room 18 said...

Woah awesome i was gonna try that but yeah thats not really my thing and probably wouldnt get in anyway

Winged Hussar said...

yah well gaboose i kno who u r :)

Gaboose said...

As do I.

Winged Hussar said...


Frozen Tree said...

That would so suck.
I think I got in.