Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Class Mascot

Our class mascot is awesome. He is an elephant.
I have been making him suits out of paper. First I made him a superhero, with a cape, mask, and trunk thing. Too bad I didn't get pictures, and he got wrecked.
So, I made him another costume, but this time he has a cool pair of glasses, a cane, a feathered hat, and a floor-length fur coat.
Below are some pics:

Can anyone guess what he is supposed to be?
I am not allowed to say it online, so I made a link to it:


The Other Boy said...

HAHAHAHA, Rick Roll'd you!!

Bubbles said...

No you didnt well not me anyway im smart and opened it in a new tab then saw before I opened it!!!! Lsh!!!!
Bubbley xx

G gangster said...

I didnt even open it cause i told him to put it as a rick roll'd thing!!! tehe

MrWoody said...

oh how i loved that mascot! do you still have it?
maybe he's off plying his trade somewhere dodgy. how entrepreneurial!
FIS has a new Deputy Principal coming to replace Mrs Morrisey - big shoes to fill!

Peter said...

hi, i loved that mascot! Other