Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Year Summary

Reflection task: State clearly and succinctly one or two main concepts you learnt from:
  • Quality Learning (Term 1)
  • Sustainability (Term 2)
  • Entreprenurial, enterprising, etc... (Term 3)
  • Writing skills as a group [Matainui] (Term 4)
  • ICT related general stuff
  • I learnt about the traits of a quality learner (SEE LINK HERE AND HERE).
  • I also learnt about metacognition and learning about learning.
  • We also studied Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato.
  • We learnt how to sustain our environment so our future generations will have an Earth to live on.
  • I also learnt how to survive in an untouched environment without destroying the natural resources and wildlife.
  • I improved my eco footprint by biking to school more often and taking shorter showers (SEE LINKS HERE, HERE, AND HERE).
  • We learnt about supply and demand and the ever changing market.
  • We learnt about how to market product and influence our target market.
  • We also designed and marketed our own product to sell at the trade fair.
  • We are learning to write descriptive stories for the fictional Matainui stories (SEE HERE).
  • We have been developing our writing skills.
  • We started up successful blogs with an international audience (SEE THIS BLOG).
  • We have been integrating ICT with all out other subjects throughout the year using various means (InterActive WhiteBoard, Blog, etc...)
 That's about that.

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