Friday, November 13, 2009

Aisling Symes

The sad, sad case of Aisling Symes has come to a conclusion.
She first went missing on Monday 5th October, 10 days ago. She had light brown hair, and was wearing a green parker/ski jacket, jeans with embroidered flowers on them and white tennis shoes and answers to her first name Aisling -pronounced "Ashling".
The police searched a 3 kilometre radius around the spot where she went missing, and asked locals to search their properties for another 2.
A witness saw Aishling being approached by and Asian lady, and police started searching for her in relation to the disappearance.
The police then found the body of a small child in a drain near her grandparent's home from were she went missing.
It was, unfortunately, her, and she was very sadly killed.
Her parents are just glad for some closure after worrying about her for so long.
The drain cover had been lifting off in the recent rains, and it is believed that she wandered down there by herself.
There are some other rumours, but I cannot confirm nor deny any, so I will not state them here.
*EDIT* sorry this post has been so long in the making, I had trouble finding all the facts, and then I kind of just left it unfinished for a while.

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