Thursday, July 2, 2009

10 things that I want to learn more about

  1. Firstly, I would like to learn more about space. I mean in general. Like all about the horoscopes and how they work and stuff, but also about space travel and other planets and how the whole solar system works and stuff like that. Specifically, in how many years will technology be advanced enough for us to start a habitat on Mars? Will it be like that movie where people grow moss on Mars to produce Oxygen for us?
  2. Secondly, I would like to learn some more about War and stuff. Like what is the difference in the planes and tanks that the Nazis used as opposed to the ones that the Allies used? And how much has battle plans and war strategies improved from back in the dark ages when we had wooden catapults and used sticks to poke each other?
  3. Another thing that would be interesting to learn about would be the Medieval times. How much better has our technology gotten from trebuchets and Viking weapons and stuff? Also, what are the differences in the economies, did there used to be banks and trading posts and stuff? And was there an exchange rate or were all currencies equal?
  4. I think animals would be another cool topic. It is, however, a very wide topic. Like would we study their habitat, or their behavior in the wild and in captivity, or would we study what they ate and what they descended from and their placement in the classification hierarchy. Perhaps a bit of all of these...
  5. What about studying ancient civilisations? I know I'va already said Medieval, but this time I mean like Egyptians, or Greeks, or Romans, or Mayans, or Incans, or Aztecs, or something like that. The list could go on for ages, there is like tons of Horrible Histories books about stuff like that.
  6. Also, I think that carrying on with our sustainability topic would be quite cool, as we have done quite a lot of work on that, but I don't think that we have quite wrapped that up as I think there is still quite a lot of stuff to cover, and some more activities and stuff that we could do.
  7. A bit of history could come in really useful later on in life if we were to be a person who was good at trivia or quizzes and stuff. Also, I think history would come in handy at high school, because we will probably need knowledge of history and stuff like that there.
  8. I think learning more ICT would be cool as, and though I already know lots about ICT I would like to hone my skills and practice and stuff. I could also possibly be an ICT mentor and teach people ICT...
  9. Electronics also falls in the above catergory. Although in electronics I have a lot more to learn still, and I don't think that many people in my class would want to learn stuff about electronics. Oh well, it still made my ton ten things I want to learn more about.
  10. I'm not sure, but I don't think ICT covers film-making, and some other people mentioned that on Mr Woody's blog, so I think that would be pretty cool. I know how to do the editing and filming and stuff, and I know that Midnight Baloney wants to be a film director or something like that when he grows up, so if you [reader] want to be an actor, filmer, script-writer or anything like that for a movie when you grow up, then please leave a comment saying what you want to be.

Quote of the day: Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything, we ought to know a little about everything. - Blaise Pascal


Midnight Baloney said...

Oh you mentioned me, that's nice. Yeah I do want to be a film director.

MrWoody said...

This is a fantastic list of things to investigate. I certainly hope you are investigating some of these in your own time. That is what a lifelong learner does. :-)

MrWoody said...

Also, very cool to include a related quote - you are developing a unique writing style and audiences like added extras like that :-)
My wife has developed an impressive essay writing style for university and now she always gets A's or A+'s.

tasteach said...

Welcome, The Other Boy, to the student blogging challenge.

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I hope you enjoy the challenges and feel free to leave any questions on the page where I will leave an answer within a couple of days.