Thursday, April 9, 2009


There is this really cool website called Wordle, where you enter your blog address/URL (if you have one) and it gets all the most used words off your website, or if you don't have a blog, then you enter a bunch of keywords, and it jumbles them up to make a really cool picture which you can edit, like change the font, colour, way the words face, and a bunch of other stuff, before you save it to the "public gallery"
Here are two I made with just keywords:
Wordle: My Blog and Wordle: My Blog 2
And here are two I made with the other feature, where you enter your URL, and it does the words for you:
Wordle: Me Blog and Wordle: Me Blog: Again
As you can probably see, the bottom ones are far busier, because I couldn't be bothered typing in that many words :). To make your own click here: Wordle, or click on any of the Wordle links in this post. Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle. You should try it, whether you have a blog or not!!!
Quote of the day: Anything too stupid to be said is sung. - Voltaire

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