Thursday, April 23, 2009

New posting thing

I have decided to try a new regular post thing, a review. It might be of a movie, a book, or even some form of game. Please feel free to comment your opinion on my views, the item I am reviewing, or anything else you wish to say. So here goes:

Ratchet Gladiator [Format: PS2, Rating: PG, Created by Sony Corporation & Insomniac Games]Ratchet Gladiator

The fourth in the Ratchet & Clank saga, this is an enjoyable game with changeable difficulty levels [Couch Potato – Contestant – Hero – Gladiator – Exterminator], hilarious but occasionally annoying commentary throughout, and a “hands-on” and “all buttons useable” feel. The “blurb”-ish thing on the back cover says “Coming to you live from the Shadow Sector – the new season is about to begin! The Lombax known as Ratchet is the contestant that Dreadzone’s six trillion fans are all talking about. But never fear, folks – five-time Grand Champion Ace Hardlight and the rest of the Exterminator crew will surely cut him down to size!”.

The basic plot is that you are a “Lombax” named Ratchet who is kidnapped from his ship, along with his side-kick “Clank” and a technician from previous games “Al”, and put on deadly game-show “Dreadzone”, in the “shadow sector”, where the name of the game is survival. It is set in a universe without humans, and you have to have played the previous games in the saga to fully understand the plot, but it is a fun game either way.

Modes: You can play in single player, in which two bots will fly around your head. They can be used to control certain control points in the game called “nodes” and “hacker/security orbs”. They can also provide covering fire, and once every so often, go mental and destroy your opponents. You could also play in Co-op mode, this requires two controllers, but you can both play next to each other and cover each other’s backs* (*requires two people). There is also a completely different mode called “Multiplayer”, which is split into two sections. Local play is against people who are plugged into your console (2-4 players). Online play is against pretty much anyone (2-10 players).

Weapons: There is quite a few weapons in this game, and my post is quite long-winded, so I’ve decided to drop this section (Unfortunately. I was looking forward to this bit). This section would’ve been quite long because a lot of the game revolves around your arsenal (Not the football team).

My final score for this game would have to be 10/10 (an awesome score for an awesome game).

Ratchet Gladiator 2

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Little Miss Room 18 said...

I love the way you have included every little detail which tells us more about the game so we know if we are looking for something in particular we know whether its on this game!

Arsenal4Life said...

is this copied and pasted from anada website cos this is AWWWWEEEEEEEESSSSOOOOME.great work umbralla lock boy