Monday, May 25, 2009

Book Review ~ Payback

Here is a book review I wrote a while ago for something… Anyway, here it is:


Payback is written from the (rather short) view of a vertically challenged fourteen-year-old boy. Riley is your typical teenage midget, bully problems, worrying about his growth, and desperately trying to regain his girlfriend. This book is well-written by middle-aged novice author Michelle Kelly. She used her own teenagers as inspiration when writing Payback, and I found Riley’s personality much easier to relate to than other teenage story-book characters. The plot is great in the way it starts off simple, but grows more complicated as the book goes on, and pulls you into the story until you could almost imagine that you are being picked on by McGerk the jerk, and worrying about your height whilst hiding under your bed. I enjoyed this book, in particular all the ways that Michelle Kelly lures you into all the stunts and antics Payback has to offer. It was a really cool and gripping book leading up to a twist at the end, which was definitely one of the most thrilling and hilarious chapters of Payback. I would recommend this book for boys and girls (although boys might like it a bit better), of an age from nine to a light read for adults too.

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Quote of the day: The reverse side also has a reverse side. - Japanese Proverb


harvey molloy said...

Good review and I like the proverb.

pinky said...

I agree with harvey molloy!

Nice one other boy!